#Coronavirus: Navigating a New Reality

How Food Sourcing Foundation is Responding to COVID-19.

Coronavirus Updates:

Like everyone, we at Food Sourcing Foundation are navigating a new reality. The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving quickly and there is a sense of anxiety in Africa as we do our best to prepare for what’s to come. Throughout this challenging time, our goal has been to maintain uninterrupted service of food delivery to those experiencing poverty, while keeping our staff and volunteers safe. This has been a lofty goal with a unique set of logistical challenges and we are so grateful to everyone who is rallying with us to ensure that no one struggles with hunger during this difficult time. Over the last two weeks, we have been implementing our COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan which has required us to launch a COVID-19 Response Fund. This fund will allow us to continue to work towards helping vulnerable communities during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Funds will be Used to Aid the Most Vulnerable People Throughout East and Southern Africa.
The Fund will enable Food Sourcing Foundation to secure the resources needed to serve the most vulnerable members of the community during this difficult time. While the media has reported greater at-risk factors for COVID-19 among the general population, such as age and pre-existing health conditions, many may not realize food-insecure households are likely more susceptible to the virus. This is believed to be due to lesser access to adequate health care, lower resistance or compromised immune systems, stigma or bias, or lack of information about proper prevention and care. In the face of these challenges, the Food Sourcing Foundation is uniquely positioned to help communities impacted by the pandemic. Our first priority is the millions of individuals, families and the elderly who rely on services for help.
Food Sourcing Foundation has been and will always be there to help throughout the year and in times of disaster. This fund will advance our ability to respond efficiently and effectively in our communities so that food is not added to the list of worries for families during this pandemic.


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We are scaling up our efforts to ensure food provision for our vulnerable members of the community-the aged, orphans and vulnerable children, people living with HIV/AIDS, disabled persons and the homeless.We need your help Buy

We are dedicated to achieving the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal 2,” End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.